RFID Hits The High Fashion Industry

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At Metalcraft we make it a point to help our neighbor and be active in the community.  One unique opportunity we had this past month was to participate in the local Habitat for Humanity Hammers & Heels fundraising event.  This event was a fashion show where all the garment designs had to be unique and showcase the sponsoring organization.

For Metalcraft, our design concept was developed and implemented by Jodi Torkelson, one of our Inside Sales representatives, and infused a 1950's style design along with aspects of Metalcraft business personality including RFID, metal and a classic style. Below is the description of the dress and how it was constructed.

Dress Name: Back to the Future

Model: Jeana Petree

Description: Metalcraft opened its doors back in 1950 and is taking the construction industry to the future with RFID moisture sensor inlays as the inspiration for this 1950’s style dress. 

Silver RFID inlays on the cheesecloth, off the shoulder top give the dress a modern edge while the underskirt made of window screen & a work shirt keep the 1950’s style.

The diamond skirt pattern is formed using additional RFID inlays.  Over 100 red and black flowers made from rolled, pressed, glued and painted wallpaper adorn the shower curtain skirt, shoes, & purse. The black skirt trim is a contractor bag. More flowers are sewed to the window screen sash. 

The hat it totally hand made with painted black window screen and cardboard. It is topped with painted red window screen and white paint rag flowers and finished with a feather and ribbon.

Purse is made of painted bubble wrap and trimmed with electrical wire.  Diamond pattern necklace pendant is made of hex nuts  hanging from a black tape choker while the bracelets are washers and threaded hexnuts.

The Metalcraft design was developed and implemented by Jodi Torkelson, one of our Inside Sales representatives, and for our efforts we were awarded the Most Wearable Award but most importantly we helped a great cause and supported another family in North Iowa towards home ownership. 

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