How Passive RFID Temperature Sensors Work

Metalcraft knows the effect of extreme temperatures on business processes and materials. For years, we’ve produced a range of durable RFID tags and labels made to withstand hot and cold.

Today, we have new technology – passive RFID temperature sensor tags – to help you measure temperature in new and powerful ways.

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Passive Sensors - A Guide To Passive Sensing Tags

Here at Metalcraft we produce many types of tags and labels, and we’ve developed many custom products to meet ID challenges.

We know the value of a great tag. So, we are eager to share promising new technology – passive sensor tags.

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RFID Comparison Guides

It can be a challenge explaining the differences between certain types of RFID tags and labels. To help individuals understand more easily we have created our RFID Product Comparison Guides .

Our RFID Comparison Guides are broken down into three RFID product families: Universal RFID Tags, Access Control RFID Products, and our Standard RFID tags and labels.  

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Metalcraft's RFID Tags Tops In Industry Reports Study

According to a research study, conducted by the University of Texas in Arlington, Metalcraft's Universal RFID tags perform as one of the most precise and reliable lines of RFID tags on the market. The study tested three of Metalcraft’s Universal RFID tags against the top traditional RFID tags on the market. 

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