Apple Expands Near Field Communication (NFC) Capabilities

With its adoption of NFC background tag reading for use in realms other than the financial world, other uses for the iPhone can be realized.

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Metalcraft Launches RFID Temperature Sensor Kit

Are you wondering if temperature sensor tags are for you?
Metalcraft is lowering the barriers of entry for temperature sensing projects with its new ReadySense RFID Temperature Sensor Kit.

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Metalcraft Offers Advantages Over Other RFID Tag Manufacturers

What sets Metalcraft's RFID tags apart from the competition?

We offer the widest variety of durable tags in the industry and can customize the tag to meet your requirements.

Customers also can count on us to not only keep a detailed history of your serial numbers but to provide an electronic report of your tags' programming and to ensure you get the right tags and that your tags perform as expected.

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LF, HF, UHF Frequency: What’s the Difference?

RFID tags operate on different frequencies, so knowing how you want your tags to work and the system you are using is important.

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RFID helps you squeeze more time out of the day

More commonly than ever before, RFID technology takes a part in everyday life.

Most people, whether or not they like it, live by the clock: every minute is precious.

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Metalcraft to Launch New RFID Security Tag

Consumers tend to believe in the integrity of most of the people and products they come into contact with and use.

Occasionally, however, integrity of a product is compromised by accident, sloth, or intent.

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Metalcraft now offers Avery Denison R6P chip in Universal Mini line

MASON CITY, IA Oct. 22, 2018 — Metalcraft and Avery Denison have teamed up to combine Metalcraft’s Universal RFID Mini line of tags with the power of the R6P chip.

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Even Ben Franklin Knew the Importance of Tool Tracking

“Lost time is never found again.” ― Benjamin Franklin

This quote attributed to Ben Franklin, who, along with  many impressive accomplishments, was noted for his wisdom.  What he said is as true then as it is today;  there are only so many hours in the day and every second that is wasted is gone forever.

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