RFID Comparison Guides

It can be a challenge explaining the differences between certain types of RFID tags and labels. To help individuals understand more easily we have created our RFID Product Comparison Guides .

Our RFID Comparison Guides are broken down into three RFID product families: Universal RFID Tags, Access Control RFID Products, and our Standard RFID tags and labels.  

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3 Real Threats RFID Technology Is Helping Solve

One of the most common uses of RFID tags has been in commercial agriculture.  RFID, however, is being  used in all sorts of animal based venues and for all sorts of purposes to promote health and ecology. 

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RFID Flex Hard Tag

The Flex Hard Tag has been specifically designed for assets that need a rugged, yet flexible, polymer RFID tag that is more cost effective than traditional hard tags and has reliable, consistent read range performance. 

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3 Reasons RFID Tags Maintain Business Health

RFID identification tags help preserve businesses by securing its assets and its relationships within the business and the world at large. It is one source of security for those in the trenches of the commercial world.

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Hang Tags Get Better Using RFID

Hang tags are so much more these days than a cardboard square hung on a white cotton string.  Using RFID technology the hang tag has changed into an integral part of fixed asset managment. 

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RFID Converting

RFID label converting is a detailed orientated process. 

Metalcraft, an RFID converter for over a decade, utilizes the latest in label converting technology and offers many capabilities to produce the best RFID product for any application.

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What Are RFID Tags

It comes as no surprise, we humans are fallible. We forget what’s in our closets. We misplace our cell phones. We’d lose our heads if they weren’t attached!

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RFID Wristbands For Event Management

In diverse ways, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is emerging worldwide as the "in" thing in event management. Metalcraft is at the forefront of the surge. Whether an individual is hosting a music festival, purveying tickets at a water park, managing a multi-day, multi-session conference or orchestrating any other large group affair, choosing RFID technology can enhance the event on multiple levels.

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