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RFID In Retail Can Boost Sales

Technology helps brick and mortar stores not only track inventory better but also interact with customers, which can increase their sales.

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RFID In Hospitals And Clinics Makes Your Visit Faster, Less Painful

Waiting in the reception room of a medical clinic can feel like one of the most wasted periods of the day. But now, the wait promises to shorten using passive UHF RFID, voice capture, and biometrics.

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Do RFID Systems Read In Real Time?

When considering an RFID system, one of the most attractive features is its ability to provide data in real time. But what is real time?

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Mother Nature's No Match For RFID Weather-Proof Tags

Metalcraft's RFID weather-resistant tags are durable enough to withstand extremes of snow, wind, rain and UV heat from the sun. 

Today, many of the chores of securing, carrying, and retrieving critical information are handled, not by human couriers, but by mechanical means. One of those means is the RFID tag, which carries information much more securely than a human.

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