RFID Tag & Label Information


School Inventory Made Easier Utilizing RFID Tracking

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that you often hear about and how it holds great promise for a lot of applications and systems throughout everyday life.  Even though it has been around since WWII, it's only been in recent decades have RFID systems have spread silently into most aspects of public and private life including school districts.

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RFID Converting With the Viper

Metalcraft continues to invest in the latest equipment and technology to provide its customers with superior RFID tags and label products.  The Viper allows Metalcraft to convert labels faster and get the product to our customers with shorter lead times.

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Metalcraft's RFID Tags Tops In Industry Reports Study

According to a research study, conducted by the University of Texas in Arlington, Metalcraft's Universal RFID tags perform as one of the most precise and reliable lines of RFID tags on the market. The study tested three of Metalcraft’s Universal RFID tags against the top traditional RFID tags on the market. 

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RFID Antennas & Detuning - The RFID Tag Industry Advances

Be aware of the inherent conflict between the technical requirements of the application and budget constraints of your company. Buying a slightly cheaper tag may cost your company significant problems with the economic costs of rework and re-reading the tags because the RFID tag/label does not quite meet all of the application's criteria. Another pitfall is under-defining the application's criteria or under-testing the tags in the real application environment in large enough numbers to draw a valid test result and make a wise business decision.

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RFID Tracking Applications: The Do's and Don’ts

When using RFID for your tracking applications there is a lot to remember and it could get a little overwhelming. But it certainly doesn’t have to be. The following is a short list of do’s and don’ts list from the tag perspective for when you are thinking about implementing RFID.

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Will RFID Products Work For Me...It Depends

After having a couple of months off from conferences and trade shows, we had a double dose of them in August and one in October.

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RFID NFC Tag Basics

The current buzz word of all in the RFID space is "NFC". NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a wireless communication built on the principles of RFID.

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RFID Tracking Technology Is Keeping Your Kids Safe

Already college campuses throughout North America are experimenting with RFID technology as a means of keeping track of the whereabouts of their students, at least while on campus.

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